👋 Welcome

👋 Welcome¶

Hello! Welcome to Aeolus Notebooks - a community resource to help people make use of the product portfolio from ESA’s Aeolus mission using the Python ecosystem. Here you will find recipes and guidance in using Aeolus data in conjunction with the VirES data retrieval system and the Virtual Research Environment (VRE).

How to use this resource¶

Some of these pages are generated from Jupyter notebooks which can be interacted with on the VRE - on those pages you will see a 🚀 rocket button at the top. Hover over that button and select JupyterHub to launch the notebook interactively (after first creating a free account). The notebooks are also available within the VRE already, baked into the notebook launcher.

To give feedback (questions, suggestions, anything!) to help us improve:

  • Using Hypothesis: select text anywhere on these pages to annotate them publicly
    (you need to create an account with Hypothesis to do this)

  • Using GitHub:

    • Open an Issue if you find an error or you have a specific suggestion

  • If you have problems with your VirES account or for other inquiries, please email info@vires.services